How bliro works

Bliro is a specialised B2B Sales Software solution to transcribe, analyse and share digital communication while putting highest efforts to preserve the users’ personal data and privacy. The underlying technology does not only comply with GDPR rules, but goes beyond the regulatory requirements to protect the privacy of our users. With it’s privacy first approach, Bliro is the first tool of its kind that enables large scale Communication Mining.

Communication happens everywhere in a company with a large share being outward facing communication. Almost all roles within sales departments communicate with various external stakeholders. This ranges from new leads to existing clients. Outward facing communication contains a myriad of important insights for the company such as the customer’s sentiment towards products, specific questions regarding a product or upcoming orders and projects. So far, large parts of those conversations are lost because not everything can be documented in a structured way. And even if information is documented, this consumes a large share of the sales rep’s time which he could spend better!

Communication mining makes data accessible which would otherwise be lost. It allows your company to analyse interactions between the sales department and external stakeholders. Next to direct implications such as reducing manual documentation effort, the data can be used to train and onboard new employees. Moreover can market relevant insights be delivered to Strategy, up-to-date FAQs be generated automatically or feature based sentiment be calculated for Product Management. Communication Mining adds value to multiple stakeholders inside a company and is a key technology for digitally transforming businesses.

At the core of our solution lies the user. She will use the tool on a daily basis and needs to have confidence that her privacy is secured at anytime. Our highest priority therefore is the preservation of the users’ privacy and personal data. We do not want to achieve GDPR compliance but to even exceed the requirements set out by regulatory standards. To do so, we developed a system that filters out any private communication directly on your device. This means that nobody, neither the user’s employer, nor us, will ever see what you are discussing in private.

Your privacy is our promise.

Bliro’s underlying technology is called Privacy-Enhanced Speech to Stats and features novel technical means in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETS). On-device neural networks automatically recognize spoken words and transcribe the audio to text. This text is fully anonymized and privacy filtered before sending it to the cloud services. A first version of the software (MVP) is already available for Windows operating systems.

In the cloud, Natural Language Processing models calculate various metrics from conversation metadata and the text data itself. The raw data as well as the generated insights and statistics are accessible through the Bliro API. The API can be connected to third party solutions but also be used directly by Data Science teams to drive their own analyses. Data visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI or Quick can also access the data and show the generated insights and KPIs in real time. These insights fuel data based decision making in various departments throughout your company. And of course, the clients keep their ownership of recorded data!

Use Cases

B2B sales departments embody businesses hands and ears and until 2025, 80% of customer interaction will happen digital. Because communication data covers a broad range of topics it is suitable to add value in various use cases throughout a business. These use cases include for instance meta data analysis, text analyses or process analyses. Relevant internal stakeholders that benefit from such analyses are sales departments and Strategy Departments, Product Managers and Product Marketeers.