Terms of Services

Thank you for using bliro’s services (as defined below), a cloud-based digital meeting assistant that allows users to document their customer meetings and share information in different tools.

To be eligible to register for a bliro account and use bliro’s services, you must review and accept the terms of this Agreement by clicking on the “I accept” button or other mechanism provided. By providing the data requested in the signup mask and clicking “I accept”, you make us an offer to enter into the Agreement based on these Terms. Before clicking “I accept”, you can review and modify the data entered in the signup mask by clicking on the relevant data field and making your modifications. We will confirm receipt of this offer by e-mail. This e-mail is not acceptance of your offer; we will accept the offer separately either by e-mail or by granting you access to the Bliro Services. Please review these terms carefully. By accepting these terms, you agree to these terms and conditions with bliro UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (“Bliro”). If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, you should not click the “I accept” button.

In this agreement, “you,” “your” and “Customer” will refer to you. If you are registering for a bliro account or using the bliro Services on behalf of an entity or other organization, you are agreeing to these Terms for that entity or organization and representing to bliro that you have the authority to bind that entity or organization to these Terms (and, in which case, the terms “you”, “your” and “Customer” will refer to that entity or organization). The exception to this is if that organization has a separate contract with bliro covering one or more accounts and use of the Bliro Services, in which case that contract will govern the Bliro Services with respect to those accounts only.

1.Certain definitions

2. Changes to the Bliro Services

You acknowledge that Bliro may change, deprecate or republish Bliro Services or features of the Bliro Services from time to time. Although Bliro endeavors to avoid changes to the Bliro that are not backwards compatible, if any such changes become necessary Bliro will notify you at least thirty (30) days prior to Bliro’s implementation of any such incompatible changes to the Bliro Service of which it becomes aware.

3. Bliro Services

4. Fees

5. Proprietary Rights, Confidentiality, & Processing of Personal Data

6. Warranties and Disclaimers

7. Indemnification

You will defend, indemnify and hold Bliro and its affiliates harmless against any actual or threatened claim, loss, liability, proceeding, governmental investigation or enforcement action arising out of or relating to your activities under these Terms or your acts or omissions in connection with the provision of any Customer Content (“Claim”). Bliro and its affiliates will cooperate as fully as reasonably required in the defense of any Claim, at your expense. Bliro reserves the right, at your expense, to retain separate counsel for themselves in connection with any Claim or, if you have not responded reasonably to the applicable Claim, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any Claim in which you are a named party and that is otherwise subject to indemnification under this Section (to the extent permitted under applicable law, in particular the applicable laws, rules or code of civil procedure). You will pay all costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees and any settlement amounts or damages awarded against Bliro in connection with any Claim. You will also be liable to Bliro for any costs and attorneys’ fees Bliro incurs to successfully establish or enforce Bliro’s right to indemnification under this Section.

8. Limitation of Liability

9. Termination and Suspension

10. General