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Share highlights with your colleagues via Salesforce, Slack and many more.

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Capture Highlights

Bliro records the audio of your customer meeting. Highlight important moments of the meeting live.

Review Highlights

Bliro transcribes highlights. Revisit them and add your notes if needed.

Share highlights

Share highlights as text and audio files in Salesforce, Slack or Productboard. Replace manual reporting with bliro and forward the voice of the customer.

Early Adopter Program - FAQ

Why should I join the Early Adopter Program?

Participants of our Early Adopter Program enjoy two main advantages: Early Access to bliro's Audio Snippets as part of a free beta program and impact on our product development. We develop our product together with you!

How does the Early Adopter Program work?

Once you register as an Early Adopter, we will reach out to you to better understand your workflows. We integrate everything we learn into our product development, so the tool really fits your needs. Once a beta version is available you will be notified and can use it free of charge.

When can I use the Audio Snippet Feature?

The Audio Snippet feature is being developed right now. The free beta will start in autumn 2022 and the tool will be publicly available in the beginning of 2023. Join now to impact the product roadmap!

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