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Turn customer meetings into actionable insights

Automatically turn every customer meeting into detailed notes and structured data.

Update your CRM and share insights with your colleagues - from within bliro.

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Transform meetings into actionable insights.

Loved by Sales and Customer Success teams.

Bliro made my life so much easier. I can track and document calls in no time and don’t forget about it anymore. I love the simplicity of the app and how it’s focused on the essential things. I can recommend bliro to everyone who wants to make documentation more efficient.

Alina Friedrichs
Alina Friedrichs - Co-Founder at GuudCard

I really appreciate how bliro integrates into my existing workflows. It is easy to install and I can connect it to my CRM Tool instantly to document all my meetings. The app is very minimalistic and easy to use. I recommend anyone who does a lot of virtual meetings, to give bliro a try!

Let your meetings speak for themselves.

Capture what is being said

Bliro works with all meeting and VoIP solutions out of the box. It captures what is being said in the meeting and transcribes it with the highest accuracy.

Create Highlights

Just click to highlight a part of the meeting. Bliro is always under your full control and only you decide what will be recorded, transcribed and shared.

Use these highlights to write stress free notes after the meeting or save the original quotes.

Share insights

Share your notes and meeting highlights as audio snippets and transcripts in all the right places in your CRM. And update your colleagues right after the meeting in the tools they already use.

Access customer insights

All your customer touchpoints are accesible on bliro’s platform. Never forget what you discussed with your customers, replace your personal note taking structures, improve handovers and make sure all important customer insights reach the right stakeholders in your company.

Level up your productivity