About Us

If companies want to be successful, they need to understand their customers.

Success in Software-as-a-Service companies means to win and retain customers. Yet the functions responsible for that, especially Sales and Customer Success, waste countless hours every week on reporting, documenting and administrative tasks.

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) for example spend around 20% of their time on post processing and documenting customer meetings. They are expected to complete manual administrative work such as logging information in Salesforce, Gainsight or other tools. And to report to other departments and their own team via Slack, E-mail, morse code or smoke signals.

As Product Managers and Software Engineers, bliro’s founders Martin and Maurice have usually been on the receiving end of this information exchange and experienced how difficult it is for teams outside the Go To Market departments to attain relevant and digestible information about customers. But not only other teams rely on manual documentation. Also a CSM’s supervisor requests regular updates: What is the current status with the customer? How did the last QBR go? How do we realize the planned upsell potential?

There are plenty of reasons why CSMs should share all relevant details with their company. But we asked ourselves: How can we make sure that the valuable information from customer conversations is actually logged and shared? And how can we make this burden less time consuming?

So we created Bliro

We want our users to spend less time doing admin work and have more time to focus on their clients.

Bliro detects online meetings between the CSM and their customers via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other tools. These meetings can be automatically logged in your CRM tool with bliro including all relevant information like Attendees, Account and others. Additionally the CSM can post-process the meeting entirely inside bliro: Update certain fields in Salesforce, Document Meeting notes, Update colleagues in Slack, Send a Follow-Up Mail to their customer etc.

No more tab juggling and cumbersome manual work. Wrap up your meetings with bliro :)

The team

We are nine individuals from seven countries working on bliro together in a hybrid team.

All of us are driven by solving real world problems for our users and customers.

We lover to foster a fun and save environment where the best ideas win!

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