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Spend less time on documentation.

Use our privacy by design desktop application to document your calls live on your desktop. Spend less time on postprocessing calls and share insights immediately with your team.

Bliro runs locally on your laptop and transcribes your calls with a button click. While your calls are being transcribed, you can label currently discussed topics and add your own notes.

When you finish your call you can give the transcripts and mapping a second look and send the data to team members or to different tools: e.g. product related information to product board, customer relevant information directly to Salesforce etc.

Why now?

Sales, customer success managers and account managers spend up to 50% of their time on documentation. Sales processes have become more and more complex and customer feedback needs to be shared with other teams. Additionally the analysis powerhouse Gartner estimates that until 2025 80% of all B2B sales interactions will happen digitally. Remote work only works if documentation works. We have come up with a new technology that makes it possible to transcribe calls and meetings without interfering with the privacy of the involved parties. This is the enabler for our state-of-the-art documentation tool. You want to become a pilot customer? Join our beta program now.

Privacy Preserving Communication Mining

We make insights from customer communication accessible throughout your whole company. Using our privacy preserving algorithms, we are able to record and analyse your customer communication GDPR conformly. Click here to find out more about our technology.

Who we are

We are a team of Data Scientists, Design Thinkers and Computer Scientists with backgrounds from all over Europe. We are united in our great interest in the combination of privacy and technology. We believe in data based decision making and technology as an enabler for more efficient business processes. In our vision however, the benefits of technology must not imply the invasion of the individual's privacy. Our mission is to leverage spoken communication to benefit whole companies from its insights by at the same preserving the privacy of all involved humans.